There is nothing better than having a truck that will get the job done. It’s simple concept, really. Other vehicles can get you where you need to go at various levels of style and comfort. There is a wide variety of cars and SUVs with a surprising amount of cargo space and power. But trucks are made to do a job, and being able to do it well is still the reason drivers choose to own a truck year after year. More often than not, that job involves towing something.

The Dodge Ram, the Ford F-Series Super Duty, and the GMC Sierra HD are the cream of the crop when it comes to Heavy Duty trucks for towing. They offer the highest bumper payload capacity, the best gooseneck options and the most torque on the market. They have the most hauling capacity of any non-commercial vehicle on the market.

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Ford Truck Towing Boat


The Ford F-Series Super Duty is probably the best overall option for truck drivers trying to fit a variety of needs and uses into their vehicle. These monsters come based on one of three super-sturdy aluminum frames and can be outfitted to fit any need. The cabs are appointed like a palace, with the finest leather, high-end stereo systems, and an almost endless array of technical wizardry at your disposal. Or, they can be completely stripped down like a contractor’s tool box. Either way, you will be getting between 18,600-32,500 pounds of towing capacity and 935 pounds of torque at 1,800 RPM with the PowerStroke Turbo Diesel.

2019 Dodge Ram 2500 truck dark gray pulling boat across bridge over water


2019 Chevy Silverado HD black pulling trailer of hay bales on farmland

The heavy-duty Ram is a throwback in the best sense. It’s got a big, massively powerful engine that cranks out straightforward power and provides capabilities to whoever is behind the wheel. It produces 1,000 pound-feet of torque, the first to break that four-figure barrier. It can tow up to 35,100 pounds, with a 7680-lb max payload. But, if you’re looking for the bells and whistles – and if you’re the kind of driver who is on the road for longer trips or with a crew/family – that sort of thing definitely makes a difference.


The HD Chevy trucks don’t carry the same weight as the Fords and Dodges – with a payload max of around 4,100 pounds – but their handling and fuel economy are something to brag about – especially when paired with that beast of a diesel engine. That’s because Chevy’s Duramax diesel boasts 445 horsepower, more than any other diesel in the class. Plus, it pushes out 910 pound-feet of torque. Chevy’s engineers used that power to ensure that their HD pickup handles like a dream, which makes a huge difference with pulling a trailer or fifth wheel over long distances.


These “Cowboy Cadillacs” deliver amazing value for their money – because all of these trucks can handle any task with incredibly powerful engines fitted into insanely tough packages that are engineered to highest standards of performance and longevity. When all is said and done, once you’ve decided to spend the money to purchase one of these trucks, you will – at the very least – get a baseline of quality and capability that can handle most any towing job you encounter, with a substantial payload capacity and all the gooseneck options you need for work and play. And, while each truck has its pros and cons, what really helps is an expert that can walk you through the process to ensure you are getting the truck that’s right for you.
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