Is a Truck the Right Fit for You and Your Family?


Whether you’re buying your first truck or replacing a 20-year old jalopy on its last leg, there’s a lot to consider when you decide to purchase a new vehicle. It certainly isn’t a decision to be taken lightly, and a lot of research and thought should be given toward finding the vehicle that’s the right fit for you and your family.

In Texas—and at Patterson Truck Shop especially—it’s no secret that we love pickup trucks. While trucks are often the ideal fit for many buyers, perhaps an SUV or sedan are better options for others. In this article we will explore the most compelling reasons to purchase a pickup along with alternative options if the truck-lifestyle isn’t for you.

Versatility for the Entire Family

Whereas two decades ago four-door, crew cab pickup trucks were few and far between, today they are everywhere and more popular than ever before. No longer do buyers have to purchase a large sedan to accommodate the entire family—these spacious crew cab models offer seating for up to six passengers and unmatched front and rear legroom on road trips. The pickup bed provides more cargo carrying capabilities than any trunk or rear hatch, making trucks the ideal choice for families who do a lot of vacationing or camping with an abundance of luggage and gear. 

Unmatched Towing Capacity

If you’re an individual or family that intends to put their vehicle to work, then there is no better option than a properly equipped pickup truck. While it’s true some SUVs are capable of hauling a trailer, many of today’s light-duty unibody CUVs have rather lackluster max towing capacities. That’s because they lack the heavy-duty body-on-frame construction of a pickup truck. If you want to haul a boat to the lake or your camper behind you on vacation, a truck will give you an added sense of confidence from behind the wheel knowing you have the best tool for the job.

No Boundaries

If you’re an adventure seeker, then the low-ground clearance of cars and light-duty AWD systems in CUVs are likely to put restrictions on where you can go. There’s a reason you don’t meet many Hyundai Sonatas or Honda CR-Vs on the challenging trails at various state and national parks across the country. It’s because a decision to embark upon such a journey in these vehicles would inevitably result in a rescue mission. Many trucks come factory with rugged 4×4 systems, locking differentials and a host of off-road equipment that will break down the barriers of where your adventures may lead.  

Fuel Economy

On the contrary, if you don’t intend to haul or go off-road and are expecting to put a ton of miles on your vehicle every year, perhaps a fuel-efficient sedan or small SUV is the better option. While it’s true that trucks are becoming more fuel-efficient each year with improved powertrains, lighter curb weights and improved technology, it’s unlikely they are about to surpass the efficiency that hybrids and a small four-cylinder sedan or SUV can offer.


Because of the versatility, technology and host of rugged equipment offered in new-generation pickup trucks, they are usually a bit more expensive than entry-level cars and SUVs. That isn’t to say you can’t score an excellent deal on a pre-owned or even a new truck, just be aware that trucks usually demand a higher cost. On the flip side, trucks also hold their value better and command a better resale price.


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